Welcome to my personal website!

Welcome to my personal website! I am Juan Pablo Araya Orellana, a doctoral student in the Ph.D. in Public Administration and Policy in the School of Public Affairs at the University of Georgia. I am a research assistant in the School of Public Affairs at the University of Georgia and a lecturer in Public Administration and Policy at the O’Higgins State University. 

Previously, I worked as a political advisor in the Senate of the Republic of Colombia. I have also worked as an academic coordinator of undergraduate studies in Public Administration at the University of Chile and the O’Higgins State University. I also have taught several undergraduate and graduate courses at the University of Chile, University of Santiago, Chile (USACH), and O’Higgins State University.

I am interested in studying public bureaucracies, executive politics, public leadership, civil service reforms, and comparative public administration and policy. My research has been published in the International Journal of Public AdministrationPublic Organization ReviewConvergencia (in Spanish), Historia 396 (in Spanish), and other journals. I have also participated in different research projects on public-private partnerships, public ethics, public sector reform, public policy implementation, and the history of public policies. 

I have been interviewed for different media (in Spanish) such as La Nación (Argentina), Clarin (Argentina), La Razón (España), Forbes (in Spanish), Huffington Post (in Spanish), El Mercurio (Chile), Radio BioBio (Chile), and Chilevision (Chile) on topics such as politics, public policy, and public administration.

I earned a B.A. in Government (Higher honor) and an M.A in Political Science (Highest honor) at the University of Chile. I earned Fulbright and Becas Chile Scholarships. I also received the Zell Miller Scholarship for Public Leadership Fund and the Thomas P. and M. Jean Lauth Graduate Fellowship Fund.

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